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j_uta_uploads's Journal

J-uta Uploads
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A request and share community for J-music


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Welcome at J-uta Uploads.
Your source and request community for Japanese Music.
This Community is friends only! Click
here to join. 

 Rules For requesting:
-Don't take everything without commenting.
-Don't share it with others without mentioning the original poster.
-Don't request every day and share something too.
-Support the artist and buy cd's, and don't download everything.
-Don't use any tags at all.
-Look in the database before requesting!

Rules for sharing:
-Put everything behind a LJ cut. (a preview pic is ok and some random info)
-Tag your entry's with the artist's name. Use the official name.
So no Naitomea instead of Nightmare. Also mention dots.
But don't use kanji's or other strange symbols.
-Look in the database before sharing anything.